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Why I Code ?

I wrote my first code in Class 6, like many students. While PC configurations were archaic and we shared machines in groups of three, there was a palpable excitement about these computer sessions.

I found this excitement similar to the library sessions where we would sift through breathtaking pictures in ‘National Geographic’ magazines or read ‘Tell Me Why’ books.

Over a period of time I have written codes in a variety of programming languages. Some of these were out of compulsion and a few out of interest.

There are three simple reasons I code –

  1. Creating

Humans, I believe have an inherent and involuntary need to create. Think of art, products or even propagating their own generation. Code also creates — be it a website, an app, a system, a report or a model. It gives you something you can call your own.

2. Communicating

Code is a language of the machines, it’s a medium to interact with them. You say (rather write) something and the machine responds. Sometimes it may not respond in the way you expect and it’s only your fault. It’s a great way to introspect, learn about your shortcomings and blind spots. Remember, ‘Talk is cheap, show me the code — Linus Torvalds’

3. Leverage

This realization dawned on me recently when I started listening to Naval Ravikant. When you code you essentially have multiple robots working for you. By way of your code you have an ability to be levered multiple times, sky is the limit. This leverage frees up your time and you could use that time to create more. A virtuous loop or shall I say recursion.

Why do you code?




Lifelong learner

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Harish Daryani

Harish Daryani

Lifelong learner

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